Songlines (UK) and Roots Music Report (US) give four stars to Riitti album

Hurja Halla has received great international reviews. Songlines (UK) gave four stars to Hurja Halla’s debut album Riitti on June 2022.

”It is this variety of tone and mood, often within a single composition, that makes Riitti such an absorbing listening.”

-Chris Wheatley, Songlines June issue / 2022

Read the full review here:

Also Roots Music Report (US) gave four stars to Hurja Halla’s debut album Riitti.

”The eight tracks on Finnish duo Hurja Halla’s debut album, Riitti, demonstrate that effervescent Nordic acoustic folk music, with an experimental touch, is in very good hands by young musicians keeping it relevant, vibrant and alive.”

– Joe Ross / Roots Music Report, 21.3.2022

Link to the review:


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