Hurja Halla announced as Tallinn Music Week 2023 official showcase artist

”Dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, the Fenno-Ugria night reveals the charm of the musical heritage of Finno-Ugric peoples. Rooted in tradition, these musicians create connections between the past and the present through vivid rhythms and captivating improvisations.

The night showcases internationally acclaimed Estonian artists like singer-songwriter @marikalkun and zither stylists @duoruut, as well as folktronica ensemble @tinturamusic. Songs and stories about the fusion of the Livonians and the Baltic tribes are presented by Latvian TKP; from Finland comes the contemporary folksters @hurjahalla and from Hungary @zajnalmusic whose music is the imprint of all the cultural impressions around them.”

Super happy to be part of Tallinn Music Week 2023


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